Within the Nieuwe Compagnie van Verre we have a wide range of different committees. These committees make it possible for every individual to develop their personal interests and grow towards their goals. By being active the members of the N.C.V. undergo a strong social development. Besides personal development the assocation makes it possible to increase their network, due to the very active and open alumni network of the N.C.V., the Voortgezette Compagnie van Verre (VCV). 

Acquisition Committee

This committee deals with external affairs of the N.C.V. concerning sponsors. Many of the N.C.V. events are sponsored by external parties. This committee hosts yearly events to make sure that these external parties keep supporting the association. 

Campus Committee Board

The Campus Committee Board (CCB) is one of the three main boards of the N.C.V.. The CCB is there to make sure that everyone feels at home on campus. We make sure that the written and unwritten rules on campus are lived by, and the violators will face fair and appropriate consequences. Therefore, our main task is to be the mediator between students, Nijenrode and other external parties.

Commissie der Buitenlandse Zaken

The Commission for Foreign Affairs, in Dutch "Buitenlandse Zaken (BuZa), has the task of putting our academic knowledge into an international perspective by visiting other countries including foreign universities and companies. Last year the students could choose to go to China, Uruguay, Russia, or South Africa. When you are in the Foreign Affairs commission you will be responsible for organizing one of the 5 trips abroad and make sure your cohort has a trip they will never forget.

De Zilveren Rijder

The Nyenrodian trade association De Zilveren Rijder is a stock trading committee which was founded in 1996. De Zilveren Rijders is the largest student-run investment club of the Netherlands. Ever since the foundation, the committee has 3 core values that is defining this committee: Friendship, Capability and Trust (Amicitia, Facultas en Confidentia). The primary goal of De Zilveren Rijder is to establish a learning environment for students who are eager to learn about stock trading and financial markets.

Jazznight Committee

On the 12th of November 2016 the biggest party of the year was held on the beautiful Nyenrode estate. Besides the current students of Nyenrode, alumni and friends were also invited to come party with us and enjoy the beauty of Nyenrode by nigth. Yearly around 600 persons visited this beautiful event. A motivated and passionate group of students have been selected to do whatever it takes to make this the event that everybody will be talking about for years to come!

Lustrum Committee

In 2017, we celebrated the 70th anniversary of our beloved association, the N.C.V.. We celebrated this anniversary with the XIVe Lustrum, where current and former N.C.V. members enjoyed a great party together. This committee is responsible for organising this event. 

Student Representative Board 

The Student Representative Board (SRB) is the committee who speaks on behalf of the cohort. They provide the opportunity and authority to do so. The SRB focuses on creating and maintaining the linkage between the students, the professors and program management. The board frequently meets with program management and professors to ensure continuous improvement of the Master of Science in Management curriculum, and the resolving of issues that are experienced by the student body. 

Nyenrode Rally

The International Rally Nyenrode is one of the most prestigious events held by the N.C.V.. This year it has returned for its 17th edition. Over the past 16 years this event has grown from a smaal get together to a well known event, with sponsors and V.C.V. members that return year after year. The aim of the weekend is to have a chance to network with various people, drive nicely planned routes, compete with other equips and last but definitely not least 'celebrating the good life'. This year 55 equips of highly exclusive cars has joint the event, wich was held on the 23, 24 & 25th of September. As always, the start and finsih was at our beloved estate. 

Nyenrode United Committee

The Nyenrode United Community, commonly referred to as the NUC, is the committee for promoting and facilitating internationalization and integration between all students living on campus. NUC aims to help students become more internationally orientated by embracing the various cultural differences among students and promoting an international living environment both on and off campus.