Each year participants of the N.C.V. get the opportunity to form a yearclub. A yearclub is a group of 6 to 12 friends from the same year and with the same gender. Having a year club within the N.C.V. is not mandatory, although it is a fun way to show the horizontal bonds that one has with his or her friends towards the other participants.  

When friends form a potential yearclub it is N.C.V. tradition to have a profiling period where the potential yearclub wins the votes of the other N.C.V. participants and the yearclub members get to know each other.

Next to commissions and yearclubs, the N.C.V. has vertical societies that go back over 50 years. Societies are clubs formed in the past that represent a certain group of people, e.g. entrepreneurial Nyenrodians. Each year the societies pick 0 to 3 candidates that might potentially join them.‚Äč