Hi everyone!

 As part of the Volante introduction week (loop periode) I’ve decided to raise money for the charity MAMA’s in South Africa. The MAMA’s take care of orphans in various parts of South Africa. They make sure the children are dressed well, go to school, feel safe in their homes, are fed well and most importantly; are loved. This particular charity lies close to my part as I have lived in South Africa and used to help out in orphan houses together with my mother in the outskirts of Durban, South Africa.

In order to raise money for MAMA’s, I have organized a lottery! For only €3,- you can buy a ticket and enter the lottery. All revenues will be donated to the MAMA’s fund. Now I know you’re wondering “what are the amazing prizes that I could win!?”

1. A 3 course dinner for 4 persons at Nyenrode

2. Gin-tonic tasting hosted at Nyenrode

3. Home style advice for your new room in order to have the BEST room on the Nyenrode campus

This coming Friday, January 19, the winners of the lottery will be announced during the Volante party at the Zolderbar!

Lottery payments can be paid via Tikkie and the lottery tickets can be picked up at my room on campus (252) throughout this week. Make sure you send me a message on Whatsapp (+31615623903) in order to enter the lottery. Feel free to make more donations for the MAMA’s via NL15ABNA0558339565 tnv YAS Kerkmeester.  

Let’s make a difference for the MAMA’s and children in South Africa.

​Donated so far: 237,50 euro