Ondernemend Nyenrode

Ondernemend Nyenrode is one of the oldest and most dynamic committees of the Nieuwe Compagnie van Verre. We are forming the bridge between the business world, students, and alumni at Nyenrode with a shared passion: entrepreneurship. Our mission is to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit that Nyenrode is widely renowned for. We are doing this by producing our own podcast: de Ondernemend Nyenrode Podcast. Next to this, we organize guest speaker events, company visits, network events, and start-up weekends.

Podcasts have become the fastest growing medium in the world, and unlike any other medium, it allows the possibility to have an in-depth conversation. The format of our podcast is based on the idea of inviting CEOs and top entrepreneurs to get to know their stories while having a casual conversation. Through the podcast we share knowledge, experiences and inspiration, for students by students. After the success of the first series of podcasts, we are looking

forward to inspiring ambitious students, curious professionals and our listeners.

We add a lot of value to all business-minded students in the Netherlands while putting Nyenrode on the map. With our motto for students, by students, we hope to enrich the history of our beloved N.C.V. and make the podcast one of the core aspects of our student association.

Ondernemend Nyenrode

Renske Haafkes (2020) Chairman
Bart-Jan Bootsman (2021) Vice-Chairman
Coen van den Berg (2021) Head of Entrepreneurship
Quinten Haast (2021) Head of Events
Kim Janssen (2021) Head of Marketing
Joep Toebes (2021) Head of Podcast