Within the Nieuwe Compagnie van Verre we have a wide range of different committees. These committees make it possible for every individual to develop themselves, their personal interests and grow towards their personal goals. By being active members of the N.C.V., everyone undergoes a strong social and personal development. Besides personal development the N.C.V. makes it possible for all participants to focus on their network, due to the very active and open alumni network of the N.C.V., the Voortgezette Compagnie van Verre (V.C.V.). 

Board Committees

The Board Committees are concerned with the managing of all aspects of the N.C.V. Under the main board, the Heeren Vijf, the board committees support the N.C.V. with their advice, guidance and the protection of the interests of the members of the N.C.V. 

Guardians of Traditions, Norms and Values

The Guardians of Traditions, Norms and Values are concerned with the transfer of the core values of the N.C.V. to all participants and the protection of these traditions through the years.

Campus Facilitators

The Campus Facilitators facilitate campus life both in practical aspects as well as fun aspects. These committees ensure the campus culture is thriving without any obstacles. 

Event Committees

The N.C.V. organises many events each year and, therefore, multiple committees are needed in order to make each event a success. These committees ensure the liveliness 

Business Committees

As a Business University, there are also many committees concerned with the self-development of the participants and development of the N.C.V. in business context. 

Sport Committees

The N.C.V., Nyenrode and sports have a long history together. Therefore, the Sports Committees continue this history and encourage students to participate in sports in campus.