Collegie der Kledij

The quote “clothes make the man” is one that we at Kledij strongly believe in. That wonderful feeling of putting together an outfit that looks and feels great is something we adore. We also love to see the creativity of Nijenrodians in their outfits and looks!

We also take on the merchandise of commission clothing from design to production this year.

Even though some Nijenrodians know how to dress, we at Kledij understand that following a dress code can be difficult. What exactly does wearing a white tie imply? And how long should your dress be? We as Kledij educate new and existing NCV members on fashion dos and don'ts. During the introduction, we give a crash course on how to properly tie a tie. Last but not least, we show our support for our well-respected Baron during one of his many motivational speeches on how to walk, talk, and dress like a true Nijenrodian!


Annabel van den Brink (2022) Chair
Loïs Verhoeven (2021) Vice-Chair
Tomas Franciscus van Schoot (2022) Treasurer
Lois Storch (2022) Comm. Marketing
Roos Volmerink (2022) Comm. Design