Wijndispuut Dionysos

Dionysos has, since its inception, encouraged Nyenrodians to “enjoy the finer things in life”. As Dionysos is the Greek god of wine and peace, he brought people together. With this thought flowing into our beloved committee, the work hard, play hard mentality of the N.C.V. life is further translated into Dionysos. This is done by offering educative, impressive bust most of all fun events to Nyenrodians! As we would like to call it: Joie de Vivre!

We, as a committee, ultimately stand for the best experiences, combined with education on how to enjoy these finer things in life in the best way possible. The Dionysos Board organizes monthly events for its members, where they work tirelessly to ensure that all members of our beloved N.C.V. leave Nyenrode with valuable knowledge about the finer things in life. Dionysos and her wine society members enjoy teachings in the art of enjoying wine, sabering, champagne, and other fantastic hedonistic pleasures. Besides organizing our amazing Burgundian Society member events each month,

Dionysos is also involved in N.C.V. events such as Etiquette Dinner and Transfer Dinner. While we expect our wine society members to impress their guests with charm, etiquette, and sophistication, we organize these events because we believe that real Nyenrodians should be familiar with the formalities of social functions, have the necessary knowledge required to impress on company or family dinners, but most of all because real Nyenrodians ultimately know how to enjoy life to the fullest!


Wijndispuut Dionysos

Sanne van der Kroft (2021) Chairman
Lara Ketelaar (2021) Vice-Chairman
Sarah Bopp (2021) Secretary
Tijmen Felix van Houweninge (2019) Treasurer
Ilse Domburg (2021) Commissioner Events
Elise Jorna (2020) Commissioner Members
Simon Pillen (2021) Commissioner Materials
Aaron Kraaijenbrink (2020) Commissioner Graphics
Raphael de Boer (2021) Commissioner Wine