Campus Raad

The Campus Raad is an independent and impartial advisory organ that is in direct relation with the Heeren Vijf. The Campus Raad has eyes and ears everywhere on campus but is not always visibly noticeable. In times when pressing matters occur on campus, which the Heeren Vijf cannot investigate objectively, the Campus Raad may be called upon to investigate and give advice on the matter. When the research shows that there may be a need for consequences, the Campus Raad will advise the Heeren Vijf on the severity of the punishment.

The Campus Raad tries to make sure that the campus will continue to function in the way it does. Holding on to and enforcing the values of the N.C.V. and what it means to be a true Nyenrodian. The greatest goal of the Campus Raad is to continue to have a safe environment for everyone on campus and to adhere to all that the N.C.V. and Nyenrode hold dear.

Campus Raad 2024

Daniel Pas (2023) Chair
Carlijn Ilsa Vendrig (2023) Member
Thiemen Spaargaren (2023) Member
Marijn Jan Van Marwijk (2023) Member
Ike reuver (2023) Member