XLIIe Bokma Bestuur

Before you, a picture is shown from one of the most illustrious institutes that exists on Nyenrode soil. De BokmaClub was founded on the 6th of February 1964 when Nyenrode was enriched with technical students. As such, this institute is meant for those with a technical or agricultural background. Since handy is an accurate description of a member from the BokmaClub, we do not shy away from supporting our double lefthanded cohort members by providing technical knowhow and craftsmanship.

Upon the rostrum you will find a statue of the most respected and honored member, our proud ancestor, father and honorable chair: Gijs van Verre! One of the most beloved and cherished tradition is a dinner in honor of Gijs, which takes place every second Thursday of the month in ‘t Regthuys in Breukelen. There are also those that try to disgrace

the name of Gijs through exclaiming nonexistence of our institute. Justice is swift and those whom spout such nonsense shall be punished till the end of time. Our final tradition involves the raising of our glass Bokma Jenever to the spirit of Gijs and the existence of the BokmaClub!

“Technisch van Oorsprong, Commercieel als voorsprong”

Bokma Club

Sake Paardekooper (2023) Chairman
Stan van der Knaap (2023) Vice-Chairman
Winston Groen in 't Woud (2023) Secretary
Vincent Hendriks (2023) Treasurer
Rutger van Genuchten (2023) Commissioner