Door de Lens

The members of the Door de Lens documents all the events occurring on campus. The collegie does everything from photography to publishing the final work. A lot of these events are organized by other N.C.V. committees and therefore Door de Lens is always up to date regarding what’s happening on campus.

Door de Lens also make Journaels, like the Dies Siblings and Parentes edition, the Introduction edition, and the Stuntweek edition.

Door De Lens

Maxime den Hertog (2022) Chairwoman
Saskia Heere (2023) Vice-Chairwoman
Anouk Thome van der Togt (2022) Comm. Photography & Archive
Jikke Mols (2022) Comm. Website & Socials
Madelon Pieternella Johanna van der Kroef (2022) Comm. Journaels
Kerewin Post (2022) Member