Collegie tot de Lijfelijcke Welstand

What you need to know is that a true Nyenrodian practices the motto: ‘Work hard, play hard’.

Nyenrodians need to be both physically and mentally fit since this has numerous advantages both in your work- and private life. However, when arriving on campus, you discover that the tempting and joyful lifestyle around the castle may not the most healthy lifestyle you can practice.

A newborn Nyenrodian needs to find a balance between working hard and playing hard. We as the Collegie tot de Lijfelijcke Welstand help you with that balance by providing you with a well-equipped gym, challenging training events, and sports events.

We are sure you can play hard, but will we also see you work hard?

Collegie tot de Lijfelijcke Welstand

Dirk Van de Vendel (2021) Sportief Overheerser
Max Kasmani (2021) Plaatsvervangend Sportmeester
Jules Van Schaijik (2021) Meester van de Munten en Medailles
Wouter Jan van Beurden (2021) Voedingsspecialist
Tijmen Wassink (2021) Hoofd van Atletische Aanmoediging
Winston Groen in 't Woud (2023) Comm. NRV Het Galjoen
Stan Geerlings (2022) Comm. Golf and Country Club
Jaap Johannes Henricus Berden (2023) Comm. Tennis