Commissie toegewijd aan de Inrichtingen van Ledenvergaderingen

The General Participants Meeting is the highest organ within our beloved Nieuwe Compagnie van Verre. During the quarterly meeting, the Heeren V updates its members on the board affairs, general affairs, and financial well-being of the Student Association. The general assembly also provides the members with the opportunity to express their views on the association’s current direction, members are able to add comments, propose suggestions, and most importantly; members have the right to vote. Voting, for example, to install a certain board, add new committees, discharge some and vote for changes in the by-laws.

We, as Committee toegewijd aan de Inrichtingen van Ledenvergaderingen, see it as our mission to protect and defend this important organ within the Student Association.

We make sure everybody has the opportunity to express their vote and play or learn the political game. It is our mission to protect all the customs and traditions within the association and defend democracy as both are the underlying principles of a - for members, by members – student association. l

Together we make the Nieuwe Compagnie van Verre stronger and better than ever before.


Maaike Van Nieuwkerk (2023) Chair
Jacob Hartog (2022) Vice-Chair
Maxime den Hertog (2022) Comm. Communication
Ivy Kuypers (2022) Comm. General Participation
Xander Beere (2023) Comm. Customs and Traditions