The Nieuwe Compagnie van Verre is the student association of the Nyenrode Business Universiteit. It is obligatory to be a student at Nyenrode in order to join the N.C.V. The MSc, BSc and Part-time MSc tracks are able to join the student association.

The purpose of the N.C.V. is to help students bond with each other in both good times and during difficult times. Furthermore, they are able to help one another with their studies. This is an essential aspect of the Nyenrode community. Namely, everyone helps each other and, subsequently, there will always be someone on campus that will be there for you. It is normal for students to stay on campus while being complety free of exams, to help the others that did have exams. We, as the N.C.V., aim to help everyone to obtain their degree and the reach their own personal goals.  

MSc Program

The study program at Nyenrode starts with a pre-master. This is not obligatory for everybody based on some previous educations. However, it is strongly adviced to be here from the summer onwards in order to be part of the first months on campus and to connect with everyone. It is necessary to pass the pre-master to be entered into the Master of Science in Management.. 

During the master phase there are three tracks of which the students can choose. These are the global, digital and finance tracks. You will have overlapping courses with the other tracks, but most of the time you will have classes which are only intended for your designated track. 

Bsc Program

In 2016 the Bachelor program returned to Nyenrode, allowing young students to get their bachelor's degree after a 3 year program. This Bachelor of Science program entails a 3 year full-time program, which is based on campus. During the third year, the students will go abroad to enhance their study. 

Part-Time MSc Program

This Master in Science program is a degree which has a duration of 2 years and 3 months. This program is identical to the full-time MSc program but spread over a longer period of time.