Campus Committee Board 

For all students studying at Nyenrode, the campus is a central place during our time here. It is where everything happens!
The Campus Committee Board (known as CCB), is responsible for optimizing everything concerning campus life. The CCB considers campus innovation, improving the atmosphere on - and the visual representation of campus. Due to our close contact with Nyenrode stakeholders, the CCB can serve as a very direct link between students and stakeholders. Above all, the CCB values all feedback and requests given by fellow students. Furthermore, the CCB is responsible for organizing the weekly Maintable in the Mensa, which is the perfect way to promote social cohesion.

In several ways, the CCB closely watches and regards the norms and values that are associated with our beautiful student association ‘De Nieuwe Compagnie van Verre’.

Besides that, the CCB is a supportive committee, striving to be open for approach to all students that want to have input.
We are always there to help a fellow student!

Campus Committee Board 2024

Mels De Brouwer (2023) Chair
Lieke Tamar Wassink (2022) Vice-Chair
Ivy Kuypers (2022) Secretary
Sem van Duivendijk (2022) Comm. Maintable
Jeffrey Zandbergen (2023) Comm. Innovation