Van Verre Consultancy 

Van Verre Consultancy is established by and for full-time Bachelor and Master students of Nyenrode Business Universiteit. Van Verre Consultancy is run by high-skilled and motivated students and aims to apply practical and theoretical knowledge on business problems in an interactive and professional manner.

The results are outstanding solutions and clear recommendations to help companies remain competitive. To become a committee, we have worked out a case for an external company and they were really enthusiastic.

Through consistently being in touch with consultancy firms, as well as handling consultancy cases throughout the year in the Netherlands or abroad, Van Verre Consultancy is the primary way to network and prepare you for your professional career next to the study program. In the future, Van Verre Consultancy organizes training days, hosts lectures by external speakers, and hosts workshops to learn from the best, as we believe that ambition and the desire to learn are natural traits of members

of the Nieuwe Compagnie van Verre. Our activities provide opportunities to grow both personally and professionally, and give students the opportunity to work on, and learn from, real- life cases.

Van Verre Consultancy

Jaap ter Beek (2022) Chair
Jade Witsenburg (2021) Vice-Chair
Lucas Koolhaas (2022) Secretary
Tim Dremmen (2022) Treasurer
Maxim Petrus Struik (2022) Head Consultants
Bas Boogert (2021) Head Events and Rewards