Het LXXIXe Collegie der Hooghmoghende Heeren Vijf

Het Collegie der Heeren Vijf is the board of the Nieuwe Compagnie van Verre. The five members of the Heeren Vijf have the honorable task of representing and managing the N.C.V. and its 41 committees. Their main task is to maintain a steady course for the association and het Collegie der Heeren Vijf has done so since its establishment in 1947. Although back in the old days only men could be part of het Collegie der Heeren Vijf, women have been on the board for many years now.

As the daily managers of the N.C.V., het Collegie der Heeren Vijf does not only have tasks related to the student association but also concerning the outside world. They represent the student body and are responsible for all communication from and within the N.C.V., N.C.V. activities, committees, and year clubs. The board of the Heeren Vijf consists of five functions: a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and a Commissioner. Each of these roles has their own specific tasks and responsibilities.

Heeren Vijf is elected on a yearly basis by the means of a democratic process, which is called ‘Stuntweek’. This is a week in which each candidate gets the opportunity to prove themselves to the cohort and convince the voters of their capability and passion for the N.C.V through a campaign. After five days of politics, speeches, campaigning, and organizing events and activities, the cohort will vote for their preferred board for the upcoming year.

Being in Heeren Vijf is combined (both for the bachelor and master students) with a full-time study, which is extremely demanding. This mix of both attending a full-time study and a full-time job running a student association is intensive and intense but creates a unique opportunity for personal development.

Being a member of Heeren Vijf is a valuable and life-changing experience, in which one learns greatly and grows enormously, as a professional and as a person. One copes with all the challenges, decision-making, and difficulties that come with leading a student association, but one also builds up close relationships with each other, their fellow Nyenrodians, and alumni, which is a great honour and privilege.

Het LXXIXe Collegie der Hooghmoghende Heeren Vijf wishes you luck during your introduction period and hopes to welcome you as a worthy participant.

Van Verre!

Het LXXIXe Collegie der Heeren Vijf

Het LXXIXe Collegie der Heeren Vijf can be contacted through: NCV@my.nyenrode.nl

LXXIXe Collegie der Heeren Vijf

Wisse Bjinse Vogel (2023) Chairman
Philip van Tholen (2022) Vice-Chairman
Marnix Heiligers (2022) Secretary
Javier de Grauw (2022) Treasurer
Roos Volmerink (2022) Commissioner