Heeren Vijf

Het Collegie der Heeren Vijf is the board of the Nieuwe Compagnie van Verre. The five members have the honourable task of representing and managing the N.C.V. and its 41 committeess. Although back in the old days only men could be part of het Collegie der Heeren Vijf, women have been in the board for many years now. 

As the daily managers of the N.C.V., het Collegie der Heeren Vijf does not only have tasks related to the student association but also towards the outside world. They are the ones representing the student body and responsible for all N.C.V. activities, committees and year clubs.

The LXXIIe Collegie der Heeren V consituted in the years 2016-2017 as follows:

Clay Bobeldijk, Chairman

Sebastiaan Sijrier, Vice-Chairman

Jasper van den Brand, Secretary

Jimmy Ramsteijn, Treasurer

Darryl Hopman, Commissioner

The LXXIIe Collegie der Heeren V can be contacted through: NCV@my.nyenrode.nl

LXXIIe Collegie der Heeren V