Dies Parentes, Siblings & Amigos

Dies Siblings and Dies Parentes are two of the most memorable events here at Nyenrode. The Dies Siblings & Parentes committee is responsible for making your own family familiar with life on Nyenrode. On Saturday, Dies Siblings takes place, where students and their siblings will attend an inspiring guest lecture, experience our weekly tradition of listening to speeches at the mensa, and enjoy a lovely BBQ on the Rostrum. Last but not least, we will move to the Kelderbar to party till the early morning, where our NCV members show their siblings how to drink like a true Nyenrodian, which is noticeable the next day during Dies Parentes.

Dies Parentes is known as a legendary day where we have the opportunity to give our parents a taste of the life as a true Nyenrodian. During this day, parents and students will experience a full day on the estate, accompanied by fun activities. These activities will show our parents what being a member of the NCV entails and what makes this such a unique experience. This is done by hosting guest lectures, a campus tour, showing the different committees, and much more. The Dies Parentes Committee works closely together with all NCV’s committees to organize the event, in which they all contribute to make it a memorable day. When allowing our parents to see how the combination of all of us living on campus, being busy with our studies at Nyenrode, and being a member of the NCV, they will be able to see how these pillars contribute to our daily lives. The Dies Parentes Committee is here to show all our parents what the sometimes-misunderstood life at Nyenrode entails by giving them the real Nyenrode experience!

Dies Parentes, Siblings & Amigos

Ike reuver (2023) Chair
Jan Guillaum Georg Chrisstoph Heinz (2023) Vice-Chair
Giovanni Bekker (2023) Treasurer
Ilse Den Heeten (2023) Secretary
Puck Veldt (2023) Comm. F&B
Faye Mulder (2023) Comm. Marketing
Pepijn De Witte (2023) Comm. Logistics