Collegie tot de Provianderinghe

The Koektent is a place where Nyerodians go for all the things they need. All the stimulants are here to make sure a student can succeed. Rum, Vodka, Chips and also een lekker broodje bapao vindt je hier. Of course, we could not forget louter Heineken Bier. People yell, sing and chant our name on campus, we cannot be missed. Red Bull and Maltesers, are among the items we use to give our peers the best assistance. Recently renovated to show our greatness, back stronger than ever after our short hiatus. The Collegie tot de Provianderinghe will make you sway, once you’ve set foot in our tent you will never want to go away.

The on campus supermarket, the provider of booze, the life of the party, the ultimate lifesaver, we are always ready to give our friends the greatest favour. We will see you soon, Koektent is and will always be the best, we will see you at the next KOEKTENT REQUEST!

Commissie tot de Provianderinghe

Ivy Kuypers (2022) CEO
Ivar Adriaansen (2022) CFO
Fetze Lambert Andringa (2022) COO
Norbert Visser (2023) Koekeloog
Saskia Heere (2023) Koekeloog
Joep Smal (2022) Koekeloog
Hugo Vincent (2023) Koekeloog
Jan Guillaum Georg Chrisstoph Heinz (2023) Koekeloog
Tijmen Wassink (2021) Koekeloog