IXe Koetshuis Beheer Collegie

We are Koetshuis Beheer Collegie (KBC) IX and are the most amazing Collegie that the Nyenrode Campus has ever known. We run the Zolderbar together with the ever-charming tap crew consisting of both boys and girls. In addition to that, we are always at your disposal to provide you with the best shots and basically anything else related to alcoholic beverages like suicide tequila’s, champagne showers, and our beloved karaoke microphone for the brave ones. In the Zolderbar, you can watch all your favorite soccer matches and Formula 1 races. The KBC VIII group consists of genuine party animals who are highly educated to serve you only the perfectly star-served beers and shots. Since the team consists of both master and bachelor students, every student on campus should feel welcome in the Zolderbar, because we see no difference between various groups of students. Come to the Zolderbar and challenge us for the ZoBa-Challenge or a beer pong game. Success guaranteed for an evening you will never forget, nor remember.

We are welcoming and encouraging everyone to


come to the Zolderbar and if you are still in doubt we have just one thing left to say to you...


Koetshuis Beheer Collegie

Stan van der Knaap (2023) Chairman
Kay Verdonck (2023) Vice-Chairman
Mels De Brouwer (2023) Treasurer
Ivy Kuypers (2022) Vice-Treasurer
Vivienne Pessers (2023) Purchaser
Noa van Veen (2023) Commissioner Events
Gudo Heijmans (2022) Chef Maintenance
Puck van de Poll (2023) Chef Stëlz
Julian de Jong (2023) Chef Snacks & Karaoke
Christiaan de Vries (2023) Chef Voetbal & Formule 1
Joep Toebes (2021) Chef Bakkerij
Floor Schouten (2023) Chef Spek en Bonen & Hygiëne