Hockey Club Nijenrode

For most of you 1972 is probably a year with no special meaning to it. For us, however, 1972 is the most important year in the history of Nyenrode. On January 23rd 1970 the Dolle Mina’s came to campus and started their protests at our beloved castle, which resulted in women finally being able to study at Nyenrode and live on campus in 1972.

A little rivalry with the men is okay, but they are probably just jealous that they cannot join the most fun and only female committee on campus: Hockey Club Nyenrode. This is the place that unites, celebrates and empowers the significant minority on campus, the women.

However, Hockey Club Nyenrode is not only there to unite, but also to play! With 49 female members at this moment, we try to organise matches against other student teams, where all members have the opportunity to shine on the field. Furthermore, we organize hockey trainings every week. No stress for all non-experienced hockey players... you will learn it quickly enough from all others, so that you can join in no time! Besides, playing hockey is fun and all, but drinking and partying together is also a big part of this committee! For this reason, we organize events that can only be attended by the members of Hockey Club Nyenrode. A Ballenavond, Ladiesnight, Borrels, or Biercantus are examples of the parties we like to throw. Doesn’t this ring a bell? No problem, you will hear everyone about these parties in the upcoming year… Whether you like the sporty or the fun side of Hockey Club Nyenrode, there is something for everyone! And don’t forget:


HCN Board 2023

Hockey Club Nyenrode

Floor Schouten (2023) Chairwoman
Noa van Veen (2023) Vice-Chairwoman
Fleur van Eijk (2023) Secretary
Anouk Thome van der Togt (2022) Treasurer
Cecile Catharina Louise Janssens Janssens (2023) Comm. Training
Sanne De Jong (2023) Comm. Wine Members