Generaal Colloquium

In Greek mythology Athena was accompanied by an owl, the owl of knowledge and wisdom. In the N.C.V. a similar institute accompanies Heeren V. Meet the Generaal Colloquium. We act as the guardian angel and the owl of wisdom for the N.C.V., providing Heeren Vijf with advice on legal and complicated matters. Furthermore, we make sure that their decisions are in line with the standing rules and regulations and inspect if these are in general interest of the cohort.

As protector of the N.C.V. and its committees, Generaal Colloquium is responsible for organizing a new Stuntweek in case a member of Heeren Vijf or the board as a whole is dismissed for whatever reason. Being in such a role demands dedication, and the ability to look at situations from different perspectives, and judge situations objectively.

Generaal Colloquium is one of the few committees that is chosen by the hand of Heeren Vijf, and therefore is a great honor to be part of. As a member of the Generaal Colloquium you need to have the respect and the trust of Heeren Vijf and dare to speak up against them even if decisions are not in your best interest. It is truly a committee that brings pride to your time at Nyenrode.

Generaal Colloquium 2024

Jan Guillaum Georg Chrisstoph Heinz (2023) Chair
Jurgen Hornung (2023) Member
Sanne De Jong (2023) Member