Nijenrodiaanse Golf & Country Club

The heritage of the N.C.V. is at the core of the real Nyenrode experience. And where to find this heritage more than in our noble and exclusive society, the Nyenrode Golf and Country Club. It is one of the few societies in which the finer things in life can be enjoyed. They say that life is better when you’re holding a mallet or a driving iron and, well, it simply is.

The Nyenrode Golf and Country Club organizes golf related events, like courses and tournaments, and is planning to organise a polo event as soon as possible. Although our events are often open

for all members of the N.C.V., everyone knows that the greatest deals are made within the core of our society. However, no Mulligans will be given within this society. We would like to see if you are worth it to join our society and be a valuable contribution to our members.


Nijenrodiaanse Golf & Country Club

Stan Geerlings (2022) Chairman
Max van Dijk (2023) Vice-Chairman
Meike van den Oord (2023) Comm. Relations
Julius Van Doorn (2023) Comm. Events
Christian Jorna (2023) Comm. Sponsoring