Collegie tot het Protocol

As one of the oldest committees of the Nieuwe Compagnie van Verre, het Collegie tot het Protocol fulfills a very import role within the association and for our university. As members of het Protocol, we are representatives of the BSc and MSc program.

It is our task and duty to promote Nyenrode and to create enthusiasm for as the association as well as our educational system. You may have seen us before as we do this by supporting Nyenrode in organizing multiple events such as the Open Days, the wellknown Business Games, campus tours, graduations and other events. Also, we get a say in the selection process of new students.

Those with a desire to enhance their presentation, networking and hosting skills will find themselves to be a great fit for this committee. By becoming part of this committee, you ensure the continuity of the network that Nyenrode is widely renowned for.


Quinten Verhulsdonk (2022) Chair
Jacob Hartog (2022) Vice-Chair
Pippa Slaats (2021) Head Coordination
Shubham Yadav (2022) Open Days MSc
Iza de Jong (2022) Day with a student MSc
Caitlin Snel (2022) Open Days BSc
Emma van Dijk (2022) Day with a student BSc
Julia Strik (2021) Orations & Ceremonies