Collegie tot de Digitaele Vooruitgang

Collegie tot de Digitaele Vooruitgang (CDV), translated as ‘Collegie of Digital Progress’, is the IT committee of the N.C.V. The task of our committee is to support our fellow students with their technological devices. In addition, we are busy maintaining and updating the N.C.V. website and the N.C.V. application. We also have close contact with the ICT department of Nyenrode and we offer support in the task of providing the campus with a good technological environment.

We communicate on behalf of different committees with interesting polls, the latest facts, and of course the weekly Maintable nominees. We also provide an online schedule and webshop to buy tickets for the different parties and events. Finally, when your romantic life is not going as well as you would like it to go, we can always activate our Tinder functionality for you or give you some fun distractions during your study moments. The most important task of the CDV is that we get our COHORT online.

Commissie tot de Digitaele Vooruitgang

Max Kasmani (2021) Chair
Quinten Verhulsdonk (2022) Vice-Chair
Max Kortman (2020) Comm. Ouwe Bemoeial