Nijenrodiaanse Handelsvereniging De Zilveren Rijder

Founded in 1996, De Zilveren Rijder is currently the largest student-managed investment fund in the Netherlands and one of the largest in Europe. Facultas, Amitia et Confidentia, translated into wisdom, friendship and trust are our three core values. Students and alumni of Nyenrode Business Universiteit have the exclusivity to acquire shares of the fund and participate in the investment-related events we hold. Each quarter, we published “Den Silvervloot” to update shareholders our investment results and committee progress.

The main missions of De Zilveren Rijder board include:

- Manage the long-term value portfolio to beat the AEX index,

- Educate analysts, board members and students, - Connect with alumni, partners and business professionals.

By taking a value-investing approach and a defense

investment strategy, De Zilveren Rijder has achieved to beat the AEX index for 22 consecutive years. The board selects market analysts and actively seeks for cooperation with experts and firms from business to enhance our knowledge about investment. We are always open to discuss investment strategy and rationale with you and our motto is no other than:

Ter Zake!

Nijenrodiaanse Handelsvereniging De Zilveren Rijder

Jacob Hartog (2022) Chairman
Steven Tettero (2023) Vice-Chairman
Stan Horden (2023) Secretary
Lucas Alec Sanders (2022) Treasurer
Rutger Aerts (2023) Commisioner Events
Joost Hoving (2023) Commisioner Fiduciary
Xander Beere (2023) Chief Equity Analist