Dispuut der Welsprekende

Dispuut der Welsprekende

Language is the most important tool one can wield in our world. Without it, the breakdown of society as we know it is inevitable. A world without language is a world without communication. A world without communication is a world without community. A world without community is a world without meaning. Another way of describing this world is a world without het Dispuut der Welsprekenden.

“Wait a minute”, you might find yourself saying as you assess these claims, “who or what is het Dispuut der Welsprekenden? And what makes them so important as to make such an enormous claim?”

We are Dispuut der Welsprekenden. We are, first and foremost, a society that exists to transform the world through the power of language. To achieve our lofty goal, we focus on the two ingredients behind the savory dish known the world over as “language”:

brilliant thought and eloquent speech.
We achieve this through hosting numerous events such as: Q&As designed to provide attendees with the life-shaping ideas from our society’s best and brightest thinkers, Roasts where we practice humbling our enemies through the timeless art of the weaponized word, and Eloquence Masterclasses, where we pass on the important skill of holding the gaze of others and arresting the attention of the masses through the spoken word.
We are het Dispuut der Welsprekenden, and our well-spoken-ness is beyond dispute.

Dispuut der Welsprekenden

Jan Anne A. Amelink (2020) Chairman
Vincent van Bunningen (2020) Vice Chairman
Charlotte van Rijt (2020) Secretary
Coen van Zuethem (2019) Treasurer
Bernard Espie Ferreira (2020) commissioner Events
Wilhelmus Hendricus Everardus Theodorus van Aalst (2020) Commissioner Marketing