Poezen, Mijne Lullen!

When exploring campus for the first time there will be a chance that you see shiny pink robes at a quick glance. You have now gained the excitement of the centre of the fire, the everburning ember, you have had the honour to spot a real RTL-X member!

RTL-X, pronounced as er-tee-el TIEN, is probably the committee with the hardest task of all committees on campus, but we are all very keen. As you might know Nyenrodians love to go on naked adventures at night and we as RTLX love to keep track of all these horny students and their no pants fight. This even means the ones whom have roamed our grounds for a short spurt, we will know the second someone enters your skirt. RTL-X is our name, gossiping is our game. If you think you found a quiet spot to suck, fuck, and swear, just remember our little spies are everywhere. If discretion to you is a must, stop dreaming because we will know from your first thrust.

Feel free to come chat and have a drink, tell us who received your load instead of your sink. Raise your glass, have a drink, make a toast, just remember that sooner rather than later you will be exposed.

You will be made known by us, it’s a fact not a misschien. Quit being shy and RTL-X LAAT JE TIETEN ZIEN!



Pien Jansen (2019) Stoel
Bernard Espie Ferreira (2020) Vieze Stoel
Tom Alexander Krukziener (2020) Seksretaris Hoofd Nijenroddel
Milou Rooijakkers (2020) Typeslet & Vertikaal
Sara Hilgers (2019) Centenlikker
George Anthony Miedema (2020) Pedaal
Jessica Goei (2018) Commissioner Fout & Stout
Thomas Peijnenburg (2020) Fluffer
Rosa Rion (2018) Voyeuse