Acquisition committee

The goal of the acquisition committee is to acquire long-term partnerships for the Nieuwe Compagnie van Verre. With these partnerships we aim to make our association more self-sustainable as well as to broaden the network possibilities the NCV has to offer to its members. These partnerships can take on any form, from financial funding to other forms of support, such as facilitating company visits and guest speakers.

For now, the Acquisition Committee is in the starting phase, which means that is important for the people who join to be highly motivated and committed to making this committee a success. Being committed to this committe will give you extra networking opportunities on a personal basis, while you also improve your professional communication and acquisition skills.

Acquisition Committee

Olivier Valks (2018) Chairman LXXV
Linze Andringa (2019) Chairman LXXVI
Jessica Goei (2018) Treasurer LXXV
Mijke van de Meerakker (2019) Treasurer LXXVI