Heeren Vijf Tuinfeest

Dear Party People,

Imagine yourself standing in front of our beloved Nyenrode castle with a Desperados in one hand and the other one swinging in the air. You are standing in a crowd surrounded by all your new (and maybe also your old) friends. A DJ is playing your favorite songs and everyone is enjoying themselves... This feeling is AMAZING!

Tuinfeest is an annual festival on campus organized by Nyenrode students for Nyenrodians and is one of the first parties, which you will celebrate with your new friends from campus. The music will vary between pop songs as well as house and techno music, which makes it fun for everyone!

This party has a great history within the association and has been celebrated for many years. The reason

that the name is ‘Heeren Vijf Tuinfeest’ is because Tuinfeest started out as a party to thank the Heeren Vijf for their services. Today, the party has expanded a great deal and went from a gala to a real festival.

This year we are organizing even a bigger edition of Heeren Vijf Tuinfeest than last year. So brace yourselves, because this will be an unforgettable party!


Heeren Vijf Tuinfeest

Dirk Van de Vendel (2021) Chairman
Kim Janssen (2021) Vice Chairman
Tijmen Wassink (2021) Secretary
Laurens Pieter Arthur Christiaan Ekelmans (2021) Treasurer
Jules Van Schaijik (2021) Commissioner Lights & Sound
Joep Toebes (2021) Commissioner Logistics
Pien van Kraaikamp (2021) Commissioner Decoration
Loïs Verhoeven (2021) Commisioner Marketing
Joris Kremer (2021) Commissioner Artists