Nyenrode Rally

The Nyenrode Rally is one of the largest and most prestigious events that are organized by the members of the N.C.V. In the past twenty years the rally has grown in size and popularity, with sponsors and V.C.V. members that participate every year. All Nyenrodians, both students and alumni, can take part in the Nyenrode Rally. This event is for every Nyenrodian with a great passion for cars and will be a guaranteed memorable weekend. Besides this, the Rally creates the possibility to network, drive a beautiful route where teams compete, and of course, enjoy life. This year, the 22th edition of this event is a special one as it falls in the N.C.V.’s 75th lustrum year.

A varied participant field, spread over 50 different teams in very exclusive automobiles, will give a unique ambiance through multiple gorgeous locations.

According to the Nyenrode Rally tradition, the start will take place at the castle of Nyenrode. During

this automotive event, the participants will be confronted on the road with different challenges: both navigation and tactical insights.
In other words, both the driver and the co-driver play an important role during this beautiful event.

We hope to see you


Nyenrode Rally

Floris Koers (2021) Chairman
Wilhelmus Hendricus Everardus Theodorus van Aalst (2020) Vice-Chairman
Roeland Sonder (2021) Treasurer
Joris Kremer (2021) Secretary & Alumni
Maximilian Bernardus Claus Bladt (2020) Commissioner Sponsoring
Kasper van Leeuwen (2021) Commissioner Sponsoring
Niels Greven (2021) Commissioner Sponsoring
Maarten Nijen Twilhaar (2021) Commisioner Route
Pien van Kraaikamp (2021) Commissioner F&B