De Bijstand

From the moment you step foot onto the Nijenrode estate, you will be overwhelmed by its rich and effervescent history. Nijenrode was founded as a university in 1946, catalyzing more than 75 years of incomparable history and legacy on our beautiful estate. Many people have stood where you are standing right now and have experienced the journey that you are about to embark on in your years at Nyenrode. Besides the traditions that have been etched into our castle walls over the years, there are also many rules that have been set to ensure the longevity and prowess of our estate.

Het Collegie ter Bevorderinghe van de Kampementskundighheid (CtBK) is responsible for ensuring that everyone is aware of the traditions, norms, and values of the estate. These five participants have taken upon them the great honor of making sure that every student that passes through our gates is aware of the three pillars of the Nijenrode experience. These pillars are, of course: the academic program, our beloved student association, the Nieuwe

Compagnie van Verre (N.C.V), and the campus life.

The last two of these pillars, the Nieuwe Compagnie van Verre and the campus life will be taught to you by het CtBK as part of your education on all three pillars of Nijenrode. During a special, designated, and highly educational period, all students will receive the necessary knowledge concerning each of the verbal and non-verbal rules of our beloved campus. Ultimately, these five people will make sure that every student grows into a responsible individual that will work productively in a team whenever necessary. Most importantly, however, they will ensure that when a new academic year dawns at Nijenrode, the whole will be perpetually greater than the sum of its individual parts.

De Bijstand

Bas Borgers (2021) Chairman
Pien van Kraaikamp (2021) Vice-Chairman
Bas van Lieshout (2022) Secretary
Daan Rorije (2022) Treasurer
Daan Hautvast (2021) Commissioner