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Date and time
Sep 25, 2017 18:00 - 23:55
Hotel L'Europe, Amsterdam

Dear appreciators of the finer things in life,


Congratulations, you’ve made it! You were quick enough to reserve yourselves a spot for the exclusive yearly Dionysos Etiquette Diner. Over 130 people subscribed, but you’ve beat the odds. 

You are the lucky few to join us on a wonderful adventure into the world of fine dining, exquisite wines and etiquettes.  However, before cracking open a bottle of bubbles to celebrate, we would like to run by the necessary details which are needed for you to actually enjoy this special evening. 

The Etiquette Diner will be held at Freddy Heineken’s precious Hotel de L’Europe in Amsterdam on Monday, September 25th, 2017.

Furthermore, let’s talk cash. At this moment, you have been selected to join the etiquette diner. Your ticket, however, is at this moment just on hold for you until you have fulfilled the payment for your ticket. You will have until Thursday, August 31st, 2017 at 17:00h to pay the required €95,54 (including € 0,59 transaction costs) via the NCV App and NCV Website. If you did not purchase your ticket for any reason whatsoever before this deadline, your ticket will be released and given to the first person on the waiting list. 

Finally, if you have purchased your ticket and after that are unable to attend the Etiquette Diner you will have to contact Dionysos to find a person who will replace you in your absence. As you might understand by now, the Etiquette Diner is a very sought-after event by many participants of the NCV. In this case, to keep things fair, your ticket will go to the first person on the waiting list.

Once again, we want to congratulate you! We hope you all are as excited about this wonderful evening as we are and we cannot wait to share this special evening with you!


Sincerely yours,


Wijndispuut Dionysos

Milou van den Brand

Vica Reout

Victoria Peset Bijleveld

Ralf van Dooren

Michelle den Ouden

Jonas Brekelmans

Anton van de Weg

Nathan van Sluijs


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